Jesp, Entresol & Ryan Evans board The Local tonight!!

From High Energy SynthPop/Rock to a pure intense electronic groove to dance and electronica reimagined - tonight is a special night at the local.  Come get some very special music in your head tonight.


Since emerging on the Miami scene just over a year ago, Jesp aka producer/songwriter J. Espinoza has captured the Magic City with positive press reviews, radio play and packed performances at indie nights and South Beach nightclubs alike with his powerful electro rock sound.

A rabid following and substantial Internet buzz have ensued. The Jesp debut album Heart Rhythm received over 2,000 downloads in its first week of independent release via Sweat Records, and his sound has been blogged about on Hype Machine and Off the Radar. (Taken from JESP Myspace Site)

"The 80's will never die and Jesp has wisely captured
just enough of that decades inflections, while keeping
the sound ready for pop radio 2010."
- The Miami New Times

"(Jesp) crafts lush, high-energy synth-pop that calls to mind the meticulously produced sounds of cult New Wave acts like Scritti Politti, The Human League and that dude who wrote the Karate Kid theme song."
- Modern Luxury Magazine


Entresol is Eduardo Rivadeneira a one-man 80s, disco dance-off project
from Miami, FL. Experienced in a variety of instruments, he has managed
to present electronic music in its essence, live, with enough
analog/digital instruments carefully routed together to present dance
music like it hasnt been done before; a wall of pure sonic force. With
his array of drum machines, synthesizers, and midi routing, Entresol
delivers an audio experience that overwhelms your body and soul, from
pop dance anthems to bass synth grooves. Influenced by the golden
years of underground disco and classic electronic experimentation,
Entresol offers a contemporary breath of fresh air into his collection
of vintage devices. Come, experience a new electric feel, This is
Entresol. (Taken from Entresol Facebook Page)

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