FRIDAY NIGHT july 8th: Ketchy Shuby & FUSIK

We have Ketchy Shuby starting at 11 PM that night and Fusik takes the stage at 1 AM.

Ketchy Shuby is a 8 piece collective from Miami, who generates their name from a song in Peter Tosh 's ground breaking record " Legalize it". The boys play their own genre of music entitled " Downtown Soul" which consists of Psychedelic, Soul , Afrobeat, Blues, Jazz & Reggae."Music for our city" as they would call it.
As the band prepares to release a follow up to their island inspired "NOTIMETOHATE" & Playful Downtown Soulish "Energy Ep" ,This time around the boys go in for a full record entitled " Tiny Vices " which will be availiable for all on May 17th.

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Energy Ep | Out Now!!
NOTIMETOHATE Deluxe | Out Now!!
Tiny Vices |


Fusik (few-sick) Is a funky five piece from Ft. Lauderdale Florida. But what’s FUSIK’s sound you say? Throw Jimmi Hendrix, Santana, and James Brown in a blender and that’s what you would get (FUSIK a true FUSION of MUSIC). Ask anyone who has been to their live shows and they will tell you Fusik can keep the party moving with their high energy beats, funky rhythms, and smoking solos. Not to mention the Bboys coming through breaking it down at every show. If you are lucky you can also see some guest dance appearances by some of Fusik’s own Band members!
The band consist of Lead guitar and soulful vocalist Anton “Sanchez” Rivera, a New Yorican from the Bronx that add the blues and rock seasoning. Charles “Chip “Gardener Fusik’s Organ/Keyboard player whose solo lines and funky rhythms add much taste to Fusik’s sound. Mack Moore, Bass/Rhythm Guitar keeping the groove locked making it impossible to stay still. Andrew “Non MS” Mujica, the energetic and lively percussionist who adds the Latin flavor to the group. And Daniel “Felix” Garcia on Drums, holding down the beats and keeping it all together with his solid pocket groove.
Fusik has appeared at many local hot spots including Transit Lounge (Miami), Culture Room (Ft Lauderdale), Dada (Delray Beach), The Social (Orlando), and many more. Outside of Florida Fusik has visited various cities in the US and has had many European visits including France, Spain, and Italy to name a few. The boys have also shared the stage with the likes of: KRS One, N.E.R.D, Blues Traveler, Carl Denson, Shamarr Allen and many more.
Don’t forget to check out Fusik newest album HOT SKILLET released June 2010 which is available on ITunes, Amazon, and at every live show!

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