Friday Nov 2nd - Spam All Stars!!!!! & the Boom Booms!!!!

Spam Allstars w/ special guests The Boom Booms at The Stage!

The month of Thanks is amongst us so for our fine fans and supporters we will be providing Free Complimentary Beer from10pm-11pm courtesy of the fine people at Miller. Then 3 dollar Miller Beer from11pm-12:30pm

DJ Le Spam & Spam Allstars blend improvisational electronic elements and turntables with latin, funk, hip hop and dub to create what they call an electronic descarga. It’s not a known genre. It’s hard to describe. It attracts many type
s of people. But as they look out and see people dancing salsa, next to break-dancers, and festival-goers driving for hours to catch a show -- they know something very special is going on.

Spam Allstars were formed by Andrew Yeomanson, a/k/a DJ Le Spam, who was raised in Toronto, Bogota and London, and has called Miami home since 1993. He got his start by playing guitar in Haitian band Lavalas, and recording and touring with Miami based artist Nil Lara. Along the way he added to his vinyl collection, and when off the road he would DJ locally. These DJ gigs evolved into collaborations with live musicians, performing on an internet radio show, recording in his home studio, and the first of many residencies combining his samplers & DJ skills with a live band.

What happens when you grow up listening to music of the families coming from Barbados, Argentina or Pakistan whose kids you ride bikes with? The Boom-Booms happen. Aaron Ross and Geordie Hart have never lived less than three blocks away from each other for more than six months their whole lives. Growing up together they absorbed every decibel of music that resonated in their ears. It shows. In a typical day, they will pick up and jam with instruments you’ve never heard of, as well as ones you have. The group (formed in 2008) is also made up of East Van Native (attended the same elementary school as Aaron and Geordie) Theo Vincent whose vibrant talent made a lasting impression on Halle Barry after a performance with his African rhythm band. He has even performed for the Queen of England. Tom comes from the enchanted Kootney Mountains and plays guitar as though some holy wizard granted him with a mystical musical competence. Rich the formidable drummer has close family ties with Aaron. While tree planting together with Geordie and Tom, they realized their power to make people dance around bonfires while in forests not found on maps.

21+ // $10 cover // Doors 10pm