Friday Oct 26th - Hank & Cupcakes and Beat Machines plus!!!!!!!! Live at The Stage!

You are the city that eats itself alive, strokes it's own lust and explodes in beauty.

Miami shines in the dark. This is when we live out loud and satisfy our youthful audacity.

Join us Friday October 26th, The Stage will play host to your music fantasy, to your lost love, to your passion for the dance floor.

21+ // $10 cover // Doors 10pm

Experience one part dance party, one part fashion pop up, laced with inescapable beauty and visual stimulus.

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY we have Hank & Cupcakes the throwing down a full proof edgy pop dance performance thats sure to get the midnight oil pumping.

From our own backyard we have Beat Machines (featuring members of Afrobeata) bringing a seriously massive electronica assault to the table.

Audio Junkie will be providing an array of visual stimulous to entice you through the night.

Some of miami's grimiest true to the city grafitti writers will be showing their love.

Wasabi fashion kults after hours sale will make you want to take your clothes off and morph into a new you.

Deep Antiquity's Photobooth will be your one stop to remember it all.

You the free, the ambitious, the reckless, the alive...Its a night you don't want to miss

Hank And Cupcakes

Beat Machines

Wasabi fashion Kult

Audio Junkie

Deep Antiquity

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