Sunday - Addicted to Art!!!

Come join us and support your local art scene in the heart of downtown Miami, listen to great music, eat amazing food, be visually simulated and have a few drinks with friends, musicians, artists, and maybe one or two interesting strangers for one night at The Stage!

Addicted to Art Miami

8:00PM - 3:00AM
$5 Cover
$7 PBR & a shot of Jameson

Sponsored by Perfect Vodka

Gypsy Kitchen

/// LIVE MUSIC \\\
All the Pretty Cars
The Von
The Vilifiers
Chronic Frequency

/// LIVE ART \\\
Moises Exposito
Phi Fung
Jason Esquijarosa
Andy Kirckpatrick
Erica Frances
Rachel Page
Nell Triggs
Luis Salgar
Nikolaus Fink
Van Roberts
Gregg Rivero
Ricky Bnach
Nicole Salger
Chawanatron Prime Jones
Where the Heart is.