Saturday, Art Walk Night! March 10th! Suenalo!!!! LEBO! Musia and Painting on a Saturday Night!!!!

Latin funk. Fusion. Jam band. Multicultural cocktail. The sound of Miami. Afro-Latin-Baby-Makin’-Descarga-Funk. They’re all names that have been used to describe Suenalo, and they’re all on the money. To a point. Because somehow—even the lengthy hyphenated description the band came up with themselves to describe their hard to pin down style—all fall short of the true breadth of what they represent. So is it any time you try to analyze something new, any time you attempt to name freshly blazed trails and still sizzling inroads. If Suenalo’s one of a kind fusion is hard to pinpoint, it’s only because no one’s ever done anything quite like it before.

LEBO live!

David “LEBO” Le Batard is a Cuban American artist widely recognized for working in a wide spectrum of creative medium including murals, paintings and sculptures. The innovator of Postmodern Cartoon Expressionism, a movement that applied cartoon imagery and combined it with richly saturated balances of color, unique linear composition and ranging from the abstract to the highly narrative inspiring emotion and creating layers of meaning.

Sounds by DJ Methods!


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