Friday Feb 3rd - the Jacob Jeffries Band!!!!!

Here’s what the press are saying:

“Jeffries tore through a 25-minute set of brilliant original songs, including the infectious ‘Wonderful,’ confessional ‘And I Say’ and poetic ‘Fairfax’…” - Orange County Register (California)

“Bursting with hook-filled melodies and dramatic, instantly likable vocals, the five-song EP foretells a bright future for the piano-popster…” - City Link

…[I was] rewarded for the pleasant surprise of the music. Jeffries, who sings and plays keys, is writing piano rock that recalls the wound-up debut of another guitar-bass-and-ivories trio, the Ben Folds Five, although Jeffries' own strain of nervous energy feels less vicious and more vulnerable …”- Sun Sentinel

…”The Jacob Jeffries Band makes smart songs, but they also make songs that let you in, always inviting….the group is a Fab Four all their own” – Miami Herald

"Keyboardist/pianist/songwriter/singer/musician extraordinaire Jacob Jeffries, 20, wrapped up the show with a dynamic performance that displayed impressive maturity in sound and songwriting...Songs ranged from slower ballads to piano-driven, radio-rock sing-alongs. Jeffries' guitarist Jimmy Powers is another young player to keep an eye on. With a name like that, how could a rocker go wrong?" - Broward New Times
Jacob Jeffries Band


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