REBEL RUN!!!!! Tuesday Jan10th w/ Gator Nate & Uncle Scotchy!!!

This and every Tuesday, Rebel Run celebrates hot rods, choppers, pin ups, tattoos, music and your mom! We're celebrating all things sacred and having a great time doing so week after week! Gator Nate and Uncle Scotchy live at Rebel Run Tuesday!

Come out in your hot rods and bikes and score VIP parking in our courtyard. Check out some great cars and music! Drink specials all night.

Free Sailor Jerry for LADIES 11pm - MIDNIGHT
Drink Specials: $6 Sailor Jerry - $6 Milagro Tequila - $5 Grolsch

Man we love these guys...come see what the buzz is about. Their sound is truly original...

Free Sailor Jerry for LADIES 11-MIDNIGHT
Drink Specials: $6 Sailor Jerry--$6 Milagro Tequila--$5 Grolsch

... ... VIP parking for HotRods and bikes...come early for best parking...

LOS CHAMOS FOOD TRUCK with their killer menu

DJ zeCOUNT playin the tunes

They return to one of their favorite places and one of our favorite bands..
Check out this video from one of the past performances at the Stage..

THE WHOLETONES: Formed in 2007 when Alex Dorris and Taylor Freydberg met at a local bluegrass jam, the Wholetones were later completed with the addition of Russ Depa on upright bass, and Mayo Coates on drums. They play a unique mix of bluegrass, folk, jazz, and metal, all translated through acoustic instruments. Combining impressive technical skill with the spontaneity of jazz and drive of bluegrass, they put on a captivating live show, jumping from folk to metal as easily as they do from banjo to cello. The Wholetones’ blend of genres is a result of the four members’ enormously varied musical appetite. They play and listen to reggae, metal, hip-hop, bluegrass, and everything in between, and the end product is a truly original sound.