Tuesday, Aug 23rd: REBEL RUN & PRESENTS:Rockabilly, Psycobilly, Punk & Surf with The Chop Tops, The Strikers, Rocketz, and The Gladezmen opening up!


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On 1995, Sinner formed The Chop Tops so he’d have a way to share his love of rockabilly music – but he also enjoyed other musical styles (like punk, surf, and psychobilly) and didn't want to stop playing them completely. So the band blended all of their favorite music genres together to create their own special sound. The Chop Tops even coined the phrase "Revved-Up Rockabilly" to describe their unique combination of rebel music styles. As the band progressed, Sinner developed his wild style of lead vocals combined with drumming while standing up. When guitarist Shelby joined in 1999, his talented riffs and high-energy stage presence were a perfect fit for The Chop Tops. Shelby brought a wealth of experience from previously playing in many San Francisco Bay Area bands and jamming with the likes of Chris Isaac. In 2008, Brett became the upright bassist, having formerly played with several popular Los Angeles 'Billy bands. Brett's string-slapping skills added the finishing touch to the “Revved-Up Rockabilly” trio. Together, Sinner, Shelby, and Brett have turned The Chop Tops into one red-hot rockin' act. The band takes their breed of rockabilly music across the U.S. to perform more than 200 shows every year. So get in your ride, step on the gas, and race down to see them play...you'll be glad you did! Want more info? Visit The Chop Tops Wikipedia page. (Taken from The Chop Tops Facebook Page)

The Rocketz started in 2004 playing their first show Mar 2004. Their debut release Rise of the undead dropped one year later in Mar 2005. The Rocketz have a new release "We Are..." available Feb 14 2009. Both recordings feature Andrew Martinez on drums. Andrew was the glue that held The Rocketz together and to tragically lose him Jan 11 2009, was a huge blow to the rock and roll world and a heart wrenching loss to his family and closest friends. Anthony Drinkwater son to Tony Slash was Andy's protegie stepping in to drum when Andy toured with Nekromantix and under Andy's tutilage became a solid fill in till the tragedy. Family and friends all agreed only Anthony could fill those shoes and has blossomed into a monster on the drums and the new backbone of The Rocketz. Look out for The Rocketz in your town in 2010! (Taken from The Rocketz Facebook Page)

The Strikers are a rock n' roll band from San Diego, California. Consisting of band members Joey (lead vocals, guitar), Rob (doublebass, vocals), and Donovan (drums), their sound is a mixture of musical genres including rockabilly, psychobilly, and metal.

In 2005, lead singer Joey was named Best Guitar Tech in San Diego by San Diego Magazine. That same year, Joey and his childhood friend Donovan began writing songs for a straight-forward rock band, and were soon joined by (former) upright bassist and lead vocalist Kyle. After performing a handful of shows, Kyle left the band, leaving Joey and Donovan in search of a new bass player. In 2006, they found Rob, an upright bassist who also shared their vision of music. Joey began singing lead vocals, and the band was finally complete. The three members combined their individual musical styles into one aggressive, “kick-in-the-neck” rock n' roll band.

The Strikers have toured with bands such as The Chop Tops, Frenzy, and Three Bad Jacks, and have also shared the stage with bands The Headcat, The Meteors, Mad Sin, Zombie Ghost Train, and As I Lay Dying. In 2008, The Strikers released their debut album, No Return, and were also featured on the compilation albums Rebels of Rock 'N' Roll, Volume 1 and Psycho Ward 2. During the summer of 2009, the band embarked on their first national tour alongside The Chop Tops. (Taken from The Strikers Facebook Page)

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