The Local! This Thursday! 3 Awesome Indie Bands - One Great Night! Free entrance & specials before 10pm!

A one man operation which, as of late, uses a Boss RC-50 Loop Station to loop drums, vocals, guitar and other sounds to create songs on the spot in a live setting​ges/Boxwood/146741216799?s​k=wall
ska/surf/punk epicness. With an electric live show. bring your dancing shoes you may gonna have to clean them afterwards since they will be kicking lameness to death.​ges/Stop-The-Presses/13667​2893024272?sk=wall

Trying to hear the voices of the local scene and its Melodic, entrancing lyrics, and atmospheric tones...I stumbled upon a local Miami band by the name of MorningWar, an indie/progressive band. I had a chance to see them perform live at Sweat Records, located in downtown Miami, and it was just a pleasure seeing a group with such energy and poise.
-Daniella Chamorro ( thefictionwillseethereal.b