Sat the 11th - Uncle Scotchy's Saturday Night Party! ArtWalk Style!

No one really knows for sure...but scholars maintain that Uncle Scotchy was born in or around 1950, and raised in an orphanage just west of Turkey Neck Falls,

Montana. He spent a good deal of his formative years tending to his mentally challenged twin brother, Ezra (aka. Effren). As teenagers, the two brothers left the orphanage and would roam the countryside. Scotchy (his christian name being Scott E. Rutherford III) would take odd jobs to support he and Effren ,,,,mostly in kitchens and horse track stables. Effren would usually remain tethered to Scotchy's belt by the neck while he worked for fear he would run off on his own and get lost. One day, Scotchy met Matilda Anne Magillicutty,,,daughter of famous horse breeder, Anus Magilligutty, and the two fell madly in love. Matilda didn't even mind Scotchy's dim-witted, and somewhat deranged brother being tied to him and following them around by the rope everywhere,,,smelling as he did. However, when Matilda's father found out about their love, he went mad with rage. Matilda was immediately sent to boarding school in the Pyrenees Mountains. Scotchy and Efferen suffered a much harsher fate. They were taken to the badlands south of Kentucky and ordered to be dragged by horse, in opposite directions (Scotchy to the west, and poor Efferen to the east) till dead. Scotchy has never seen nor heard from Matilda or his brother again. He has since learned to play various instruments and perform on the street to make ends meet and continues to seach for Effren to the day...Scotchy's travels have put him in the path of many men and women of great notoriety. Legends of his drinking prowess, quick wit, and confrontational nature continue to grow....but that is another story