Saturday May 27th - Astari Nite! CD release!

In late fall of 2007, an Indie Rock/Dark Brit Pop quartet set out and casted its shadow with a modern twist on the spelling which now defines the band as "Astari Nite".

Yet since "Astari Nite" the band, swept up listeners with their 2007 Demo self release "Winters Gone" the moniker has gained new associations as well.

For the past two years Mychael Ghost vocalist, Albert Grey Guitar Player, Rebekah Furey Bass Player and Illia Tulloch Drummer/Samples have now achieved song play in several college radio stations in the U.S. and overseas, gained worldwide exposure via internet,magazines,Interviews and even inclusion in the new Rock Band Network.

Despite this high level of media exposure, the quartet never lost the tension and complexity that won them acclaim locally.

In winter of 2010 the release of their self titled EP was launched "Astari Nite" they followed up by releasing a video for their first single True Romance.

- Posted from The Stage!