Friday the 18st... STOKESWOOD! Live at The Stage!!!!

After a hiatus of several months, the boys from the ATL are coming back to their 2nd home... They will be playing all of your favorites as well as some surprise songs.. you never know what you are going to get with them...

The five members of Stokeswood woke up one day in a black van with a trailer full of equipment and not one one of them knew how they got there.
Atlanta-based electroacoustic band, Stokeswood, was formed in 2004 by lead vocalist and acoustic guitar player, Adam Patterson, and lead electric guitarist, Mark Godwin. The five-piece also comprises a drummer, keyboardist, bass player and back-up vocalist. Stokeswood's independently released debut album, Carassia (2009), is like a sonic excursion between the lines of a poet's story-telling prowess. Thoughtful introspection on the human condition is amplified and challenged by the layered accents of electroacoustic guitars, pianos, synths, strings and drums. Stokeswood's sophomore album, “In the Field of the Vibrations,” showcases a vocal-centric aesthetic and an array of synthesizers and guitars that are illuminated by infectious dance beats. The evolution from jam to joyfully danceable was a natural progression over the course of the past year in the studio with Justin Mullinix of Generator Sound Studios in Atlanta. Protégé to Billy Hume, Mullinix has been dubbed the “Wonderboy of Indie Rock” for his eclectic ear and ability to cultivate a band’s sound. A preview of "In the Field of the Vibrations" was released in limited quantities in May 2011. The band will unveil Hume's final mixes in the fall.
Stokeswood's sound is full of sonically integrated electric and acoustic guitar, piano, organ, synth and percussion. Their songs are so layered and euphonious, you'll find yourself playing the music over and over just to catch all of the idiosyncrasies found within it -The Silver Tongue

...Soon the percussionist is dancing through the crowd, Patterson hops around the stage barefoot, and the guitarist loses himself in a solo hiding behind long hair and satisfied glances to his band-mates. There is evidence of real craftmanship, but also a visible dedication to their work and each other. This sets off a real sense of togetherness and an energy of comradery on stage that becomes infectious to everyone in the room. They really listen to one another. and as a result the audience witnesses a musical experience that is fresh, smart and just a real good time.
-Performer Mag

I hear a lot of Radiohead in their music, a little Coldplay and a spot o' U2, and the songs are based on melody (and lyrics) more than cool riffing or spacey weirdness...Highly recommended
-Connect Savannah

Their quick tempo upbeat songs, “Criterion to the Blue Note,” “Topical Jesus,” and “An Ode to Accepting Criticism,” involve a mixture of swirling guitar riffs and a bouncing beat, reminiscent of the best 80s dance music from Duran Duran and the Smiths. - Silver Tongue

Atlanta’s Stokeswood have all the attributes to be a massive international success. Their big, rather British sound is packed with magnificent harmonies and intelligent melodies played with feeling and conviction.
Digital Gig ~ London


Fans of Stokeswood have claimed that listening to their live music at a show is the equivalent to an out of body experience.
-The West Georgian

"Very intense music..." Michael Stock NPR